is the instrument for the administrative management for healthcare organisations designed to be integrated with all other hospital functions. Administrative management is assisted by the use of automatic functions that enable operators and Administrative Direction to work in a simple and fast way.

The solution enables:
  • the automatic importing of invoices and collections/ payments in Prime Entry from Account Receivables, Account Payables and Treasury.
  • allocation of costs and revenues to various centres of costs / revenues, branches, DRGs.
  • effective management of doctor sharing, from the automatic generation of remuneration to the processing of withholding taxes
  • simple resolution of critical procedures like disputes and policy agreements

H2O Administration, Finance and Control enables the automatic management of all fiscal operations with clients and therefore all operations determining financial profit for the facility.

Advantages for administrative staff:  rapid management of collections and payments, with numerous control prints available. 

Advantages for Administrative Direction: accounts always under control.

  • Automatic booking of invoices /credit notes: allocation of revenue accounts, insurance transfers for direct reimbursement episodes
  • Automatic booking Immediate/ deferred payments
  • Management of Collections from third parties 
  • Electronic invoicing and Electronic Filing

The solution enables the management of facility expenses, working on all processes and workflows established between the facility, suppliers and warehouse.

Advantages for administrative staff: immediate information on supplier situation, rapid management of payments.

  • Booking of Account Payables
  • Reception of electronic invoices/ credit notes

Enables the control and management of accounts through smart solutions, like the automatic importing of invoices and collections/ payments in Prime Entry from Account Receivables, Account Payables and Treasury.

Advantages for administrative staff: easy prime entry of accounting records, automatic data extrapolation makes the job faster.

Advantages for Administrative Direction: always in line with tax obligations, the system supports the preparation of financial statements.

  • Prime entry, prime entry VAT and annual financial statements
  • Treasury and payment schedule
  • Assets and amortisation plan
  • Withholding taxes
  • Financial Statements

Enables control of costs accounting, so the process of registering, classifying, analysing, summarising and allocating costs associated with a process, before developing a series of monitoring and reporting actions.

Advantages for the Management Control Manager: clear knowledge of cost and revenue dynamics; rapidly produces useful reports for various facility functions; rapidly compares medical and administrative data, monitors revenue and expenditure in real time .

Advantages for Health Direction: make fast and effective decisions, based on accounting data obtained, through an effective and complete reporting system.

  • Analytical accounts 
  • Analytical balance sheets 
  • Budget monitoring