Accurately and efficiently manages all the steps of a modern healthcare logistics process, through the complete control of products and their handling:

  • The logistics process is implemented starting from the needs of wards and right through to the booking of supplier invoices
  • Operations are activated within a logistics frame, enabling the management of the nature of products and their handling

The solution also enables:

  • The management of goods on consignment, from the declaration of use of operating room, automation of the re-ordering of goods and invoicing reminders
  • the simplification of invoicing and entering of lease contracts in ledger accounts
  • the fulfilment of requests and even bedside patient delivery thanks to the mobile interface
  • evolved analyses of costs, purchases, stock value, purchase cycle efficiency and performance thanks to Business Intelligence and integrated reporting

In H20 Logistics and Purchases, this component plays a fundamental role in simplifying logistics operations and constitutes the base information structure for defining the nature of products and their role within the process, for optimised document and authorisation process management.

  • Items and services are categorised, codified and organised, for simplified and accurate management, closely connected to accounting
  • The drug data base is promptly updated, thanks to integration with Farmadati; drugs are promptly recorded and characterised. 
  • Price lists are organised to ensure data valorisation (prices per units of measurement), correctly distinguished according to supplier and set to ensure minimum order value. 

Advantages for Health Direction: safe management of drugs, thanks to integration with Farmadati.

  • Integration National Data Base of Medicines and Medical Devices
  • Master Records (Drugs, medical devices, Prosthetics, Provisions, Suppliers, price lists, Warehouses, Locations) 
  • Formularies (facilities, units)
  • Document Work Flow (Work Agendas, authorisation processes, budget control)

In this phase, the H20 module enables the management of all company needs and therefore the simplification of all external supply operations, ranging from orders to unloading at the warehouse.

Specifically, for orders submitted to suppliers, the system provides the operator and warehouse operator with a series of automatic functions that speed up and simplify tasks:

  • Automatic creation of orders based on minimum supply level detection, batch re-order, reference supplier
  • Automatic creation of re-order documents, from goods on consignment declarations
  • Massive automatic creation of orders from ward proposals and stock

Advantages for the Purchasing Department: rapid issuing of orders with automated procurement procedures; all necessary information for negotiating with suppliers is always available.

  • Definition of needs
  • Orders, delivery notes, payable invoices 
  • Easy sending

Enables the monitoring of necessities within the facility, highlighting the needs of single wards, operating rooms, laboratories and the fulfilment thereof through automated processes that simplify the work of medical and administrative staff.

Advantages for ward staff: rapid submission of sourcing requests, charging of drugs administered to the patient directly in their medical records; optimisation of ward logistics, thus improving consumption forecasts, sourcing requests and ward stocks.

Advantages for the warehouse operator: optimisation of supplies according to real need; automatic updating of the physical warehouse and accounting based on OR and ward consumptions; stock is always under control.

Advantages for Health Direction: can rapidly monitor the stock and consumptions of wards.

  • Determine ward needs
  • Issuing of RDA/PDA/Kanban
  • Fulfilment of need and loading of material in wards

All supplier contracts are simplified with automatic functions that trigger invoicing rules, according to contractual terms. Lease contracts entered in ledger accounts.

Advantages for Administrative Direction: manage contracts with suppliers with greater ease, speeding up procedures.

  • Services contracts with multi-year coverage

All tasks that are repeated periodically in the field of logistics, from inventory adjustments to ledger entries, are managed by functionalities that enable different departments involved to speed up their work and use automated processes, which increase operator work quality and reduce low value tasks.

Advantages for the Purchasing Department: digitally store all account payables documents (delivery notes, orders, invoices).

Advantages for Administrative Direction: rapidly check of costs through automatic ledger entry functions.

  • Inventory adjustments
  • Elaboration of fiscal inventories
  • Ledger entries (invoices to be received, accruals and deferrals)

H20 Logistics and Purchases provides a series of functionalities for optimising the management of goods and payments, thus reducing costs.

Advantages for Health Direction: make fast and effective decision based on accounting data obtained.

Advantages for the warehouse operator: stock always under control.

  • Administration in operative reports
  • Delivery from warehouse of consignment stock
  • Replenishment order
  • Invoicing prompts

Enables the enhancement and traceability of inbound and outbound warehouse handling, the cost of goods and the correct, prompt and detailed recording of costs.

Advantages for the warehouse operator: rapidly prepares carts for transfer to wards and delivery notes of inbound goods.

Advantages for the Purchasing Department: costs are always under control, rapid checking of invoices, reception of electronic invoices directly in the program.

Advantages for Health Direction: can rapidly monitor the stock and consumptions of wards.

  • Warehouse handling operations 
  • Recording of costs