Decision Support System is a business intelligence instrument that engages in dialogue with all modules of the H20 Ecosystem. Through the elaboration of data entered in the system, it generates advanced reports, useful for management control, supporting medical management in decision-making.

  • Advantages for Health Direction:  make fast and effective decisions, based on data obtained, through an effective and complete reporting system
  • Advantages for Administrative Direction: the hospital's economic and financial situation, at a glance 
  • Advantages for General Direction: Through KPIs, awareness and monitoring of hospital performance 

The BI tool is extremely flexible in the implementation of security systems for the use of information, thanks to instruments that manage access and the distribution of reports to all interested hospital functions, according to competence.

Advantages for the IT Manager: easily keep access to reports under control and establish who, and based on which criteria, can view information.

  • Policy access management
  • Management of work spaces
  • Distribution of information

The Decision Support System module provides management with a set of reports that are useful for monitoring hospital productivity and verifying target fulfilment.

Advantages for Operative Direction: always know how hospital productivity is really doing, in real time. 

  • Analysis of turnover
  • Outpatient Prospectus
  • Marginality per Medical Episode

The H20 module provides a set of reports useful for assessing the capacity for resource optimisation, in line with hospital targets. Reports also focus on different fields and in particular, enable the assessment of medical and economic-financial resources.

Advantages for Health Direction: clarity as to the use of facilities available to doctors at work.

Advantages for Administrative Direction: check and assess how costs move within the hospital.

Functionalities: :
  • Saturation of agendas
  • OR saturation
  • Analytical accounts
  • Cost analysis
  • Analysis of Payables / Receivables