Is the solution for Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Health Centres and Rehabilitation Centres, for the simple and intuitive management of the entire outpatient process, from booking to the issuing of medical reports, with control over all economic-administrative tasks to ensure management control:

  • optimises the booking of visits and tests;
  • enables the rapid assignment of surgeries and an integrated reception pathway;
  • simplifies the issuing of reports with the use of models;
  • manages admission, invoicing and collection of services for paying, privately insured and NHS patients
  • accurate fulfilment of information obligation
  • facilitates the management of relations with professionals.

The integration of H20 Specialist Outpatients and solutions providing online and mobile services enables healthcare facilities to improve relations with patients.

Advantages for the patient: autonomy in booking and interacting with the facility, shorter waiting times and direct access to own information.

Advantages for the facility: automation of processes, improved productivity, saturation of resources, reduction of costs.

  • Information and marketing campaigns
  • Online booking
  • Sending of notifications and reminders (sms / email)
  • Online check-in
  • Management of anonymous patient calls
  • Online Medical Records
  • Online collection of records
  • Customer satisfaction

With H20 Specialist Outpatient, different types of bookings for specialist tests and visits can be managed, in a simple and intuitive way.

Advantages for the front-end operator: rapidly organise work with lists and visual instruments; simultaneous services searches, reducing the possibility of error, with configurable alarms and checks.

  • Multi-channel and multi-facility booking
  • Booking from medical worklists
  • Management of overbooking and unscheduled visits
  • Management of cyclical services
  • Multi-needs booking 
  • Graphic/ visual agenda support

The solution enables the planning of on-site clinic facilities, facilitating and speeding up organisational and coordination tasks.

Advantages for the clinic coordinator: optimise available resources and saturate availability for visits and tests, rapidly respond to requests for reorganisation.

  • Re-allocation of Healthcare Offering (To-BE) 
  • Planning of Clinics (Scheduler)
  • Clinic waiting lists
  • Patient CRM

In the patient admissions and reception step, H20 Specialist Outpatient manages different needs and completes different administrative tasks requiring direct patient involvement in a simple and fast way, such as the signing of privacy and consent.

Advantages for the patient: reduces waiting times and queues at offices; rapid and accurate response to requirements for comfortable and welcoming admission procedures. 

Advantages for the front-end operator:  rapidly identify the patient and their situation in the process; access to information on the episode; receive notifications for special situations.

  • Admission, Identification and Patient Overview information Sheet (MyHome)
  • Confirmation of Booking
  • Direct Admissions
  • Management of Privacy and Consent
  • Glyphometric signature
  • Identification and Download of dematerialised referral
  • Multi-referral admission
  • Mixed admissions (NHS + Payment)
  • Management of Insurance Practice

With the instruments provided by H20 Specialist Outpatient, nurses and doctors can admit patients in an orderly and accurate way before their visit, cutting times dedicated to low-value tasks.

Advantages for the doctor: always has a record of appointments; elements and historical data on the patient, for targeted diagnoses; rapid filling-out of report; can dedicate more time to the patient.

  • Doctor's worklist
  • Patient file
  • Configurable issuing of reports
  • Digital signature
  • Clinic operative report
  • Provision of services without medical record
  • Multi-test report issuing

Clinic managers and administrative direction can simplify various invoicing tasks for paying, privately insured and NHS patients, thanks to instruments provided by H20 Specialist Outpatient. Easy provision of services packages and rapid collection management.

Advantages for Administrative Direction: monitor the situation of patients, insurance, health services and bodies.

Advantages for the clinic coordinator: easily manage all kinds of invoicing (NHS, paying and privately insured patients, …)

  • Advanced management of payer lists and insurance
  • Invoicing and collection from payers
  • Invoicing as per estimate of costs and outpatient packages
  • Summary of invoicing for bodies, hospitals or insurance
  • Invoicing of hospitals and Public Administration
  • Management of collections and payments
  • Management of multiple collections: single payments for different patient practices
  • Management of insurance Practice
  • Sending of data to National Health Insurance System (730 tax declaration form)

All tasks pertaining to the specialist outpatient pathway are traced and monitored by the system. This ensures executive offices can rapidly and accurately issue statements of expenditure for tasks and services provided by the facility.

Advantages for Administrative Direction: anticipate decisions based on accurate data collected by the system, check alignment with progress targets set forth in the budget; obtain necessary support to respond to regulatory adjustments; optimise operator work quality, by reducing ow value tasks; accurate management of relations with medical staff.

Advantages for the clinic coordinator: check productivity levels and alignment with targets.

Advantages for the doctor: receive clear and transparent information on services provided. 

  • Access to clinic records
  • Consumption of Drugs and Medical Material
  • Budget monitoring
  • Preparatory checks 

Physiokinesis therapy

 H20 Physiotherapy is an integral part of Specialist Outpatient, for the simple and complete management of rehabilitation therapies, from first prescription to statement of expenditure.

It is a solution that enables healthcare facilities to simplify and increase the efficiency of the provision of services cycles, thus improving the work of professionals involved (physiatrist, coordinator, physiotherapist) and services provided to the patient.

  • Automatic planning proposal
  • Management of resources at full capacity
  • Multi-agenda planning
  • Administrative physiotherapy record
  • Physiotherapist worklist

Sport medicine

H2O Specialist Outpatient provides instruments specifically designed for the management and issuing of reports of Sports Medicine services, for the automated management of sports medicine assessment , thus cutting report issuing times.

Advantages for the doctor: access patient’s personal record; recording of clinical data (such as anamnesia, physical examination and the results of specific tests); simple and rapid formulation of suitability judgement; prepare relative medical certificate.

Advantages for Secretariat: effective management of patient appointments and admissions; speed up booking operations and reduce the risk of discrepancies and errors in the allocation of resources. The management of price lists according to social policy agreements and patient or sports club invoicing functionalities enables staff to manage the account receivables cycle efficiently and simply.

Advantages for Health Direction: increase the volume of tasks; customer loyalty, providing a high quality service in terms of efficiency and organisation thanks to accurate and rapid management.

  • Booking of specific visits
  • Structured record

Day surgery

Enables the organisational, administrative and financial management of proposal for surgical action and waiting lists according to priority, team, professionals and specialities with reference to clinics. Available functionalities enable operators involved to speed up operations, reducing the risk of errors, providing all patient information in a single visual space.

Advantages for the operator: can easily manage activities linked to administrative aspects and speed up practices connected to external flows and consents.

Advantages for the surgeon: add patient to waiting list during the visit; instruments help validate surgical suitability. 

  • Surgical proposal 
  • Management of patients on waiting lists 
  • Estimate of costs
  • Schedule of calls 
  • Management of consent 
  • Library of operations
  • Operative report 
  • Consumptions and charges
  • Room times 
  • Medical team management

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