Is the H2O solution for effectively managing doctor sharing, from the automatic generation of remuneration to the processing of withholding taxes, designed to be integrated with all other company functions.

The work of the pay and administration department is facilitated by the use of automatic functions that enable operators to simplify remuneration payment procedures and communication with doctors.

H20 Doctor Remuneration simplifies the creation of rules for the assignment of remuneration to the doctor, ensuring adequate control of data and statement of expenditure.

  • Definition of calculation rules (doctor/facility/agreement,etc.)
  • Identification of doctor's role (Admission, Issuing of report, Technical, Doctor in Invoice, Surgeon, Anaesthesiologist, Aid, etc.)
  • Remuneration payment rules 
  • Duplication of contracts
  • Printing of doctor's contract

The solution enables the elaboration of remuneration according to period, for healthcare operators (doctors, nurses, technicians, auxiliary nurses, support workers).

Advantages for the Pay department: immediate identification of the reference healthcare episode and applied contractual conditions, for each remuneration.

Advantages for administrative staff: immediate knowledge of the cost of remuneration.

  • Automatic elaboration of remuneration for Structure/ Doctor/ Period
  • Analysis of what has been calculated (for episode/ record/ doctor/ service/ etc.)
  • Analysis of what has not been calculated (for episode/ record/ doctor/ service/ etc.)

Enables the payment of remuneration based on contractually established conditions (admission, invoicing, issuing of report, collection).

Advantages for the Pay office can massively generate all doctor proforma invoices.

Advantages for administrative staff: can massively send emails of paid remuneration and carry out invoicing in a simple way, together with the sent document. 

  • Automatic elaboration of proforma invoices
  • Printing of proforma invoices through multiple reports 
  • Management of advance payments on proforma invoices 

The sending of proforma invoices to doctors takes place by means of automatic generation and storage procedures of files in pdf format.

(This functionality is active if integration with the H20 Administration Finance and Control is present).

Advantages for the Pay Department: significant cutting of times for the sending of documentation to doctors.

  • Automatic sending of proforma invoices in pdf by email 
  • Automatic storage of file 
  • Taxation of supplier (doctor, associated office, company)

Enables the rapid import of proforma invoices per period in accounts, as a document for attaching to the doctor’s invoice and as an account document for ascertaining booked costs.

Advantages for the Pay Department: control of invoicing and cutting of times for the checking of booked costs. 

  • Easier recording of proforma invoice with matching of document   
  • Booking of relative costs in general/ analytical accounting records
  • Analysis of revenue per doctor, per period
  • Easy management for closing financial statements (period, annual)
  • Data control and reconciliation prints (between remuneration management and financial statements).