Is the solution for Hospitals, Care homes and Rehabilitation Centres  that optimises all actions and events of an administrative and medical nature involving operators and patients along the clinical pathway:

  • supports the pre-hospital pathway
  • manages estimates of costs
  • rapidly executes different types of hospitalisations
  • accurately organises all steps of patient admission, transfer and discharge
  • standardises and simplifies operating procedures
  • complete fulfilment of information obligation
  • facilitates the management of relations with professionals

H20 Inpatients enables the organisation of the patient’s pre-hospital pathway, starting from planning and cost estimation, with instruments that simplify and speed up the job of operators in contact with the patient, so that direction can optimise the management of beds, ward staff and inpatient facilities.

Advantages for the front-end operator: rapidly organise work with lists and visual tools.

Advantages for Health Direction: check and promptly review the strategic planning of resources.

  • First contact
  • Hospitalisation proposal
  • Scheduled calls to patient
  • Estimates of costs
  • Bed management

H2O Inpatients enhances admissions and reception, by facilitating patient identification and cutting procedure management times.

Advantages for the front-end operator: Rapidly identifies the patient and their status in the process; access to information on the episode is acquired in moments and by different operators; reception of warnings for special situations regarding the patient or hospitalisation; reduces the possibility of errors with alerts and configurable checks.

  • Administrative admissions (direct - from waiting list - from unit)
  • Police Records (portal: Alloggiati Web)
  • Insurance practice
  • Privacy and Consent (Medical Records, Commercial Communications, Medical Communications)

Manages the flow of requests for services, consultancies and specialist visits from applicant units to service providers (blood chemistry analysis, diagnostics, etc. …). Enables the monitoring of progress and safe management of all return information, including records.

Advantages for healthcare professionals: rapid access to the patient’s situation, request tests and consultancies in a simple and fast way, through test protocols.

  • Requests for tests 
  • Request consultancy 
  • Request specialist visits 

In this phase, the H20 module manages the patient’s entire ward stay, with the aim of providing a high quality service. Functionalities available to staff enable the accurate organisation of any transfers and staff change-overs, as well as the optimisation of supply requests and consumptions. All events that take place on the ward are traced.

Advantages for ward staff: ward situation always under control.

Advantages for Health Direction:  rapid and effective organisational decision-making based on data.

  • Ward admission
  • Transfer of bed/ Ward/ Attending Physician
  • Management of absences / post-acute presences
  • Requests for supplies and consumptions

Enables the simple and rapid management of the entire patient discharge flow, thanks to a series of automatic functions that simplify and guide the preparation of all necessary documentation, thus cutting discharge times.

Advantages for medical staff: autonomous verification of DRG and appropriateness, fill out discharge form with automatic recovery of information linked to the episode.

Advantages for Health Direction: rapid response to requests from healthcare authorities.

  • Discharge Form codification and Control
  • DRG calculation
  • Discharge letter
  • Hotel pre-discharge
  • Hotel and health facility discharge
  • Integration with Regional Systems (SISS, SOLE, ...)

The functionalities of H20 Inpatients enable the management of regulatory and financial aspects of the hospitalisation flow, simplifying procedures for the fulfilment of the information obligation and all invoicing tasks.

Advantages for Administrative Direction: monitor the situation of patients, insurance, hospitals and bodies; control budget compliance; necessary support for compliance with regulatory adjustments.

Advantages for Health Direction: rapid response to requests from healthcare authorities; evidence of the quantitative and qualitative level of care episodes.

  • Advanced management of payer lists and insurance
  • Management of payers: bodies, patients, relatives 
  • Invoicing and collection from payers
  • Invoicing as per estimate of costs and hospitalisation packages
  • Summary of invoicing for bodies, hospitals or insurance
  • Invoicing of hospitals and Public Administration
  • Invoicing on behalf of professionals / collection in the name and on behalf of (Bersani Law)
  • Management of collections (single or multiple mode)
  • Sending of data to National Health Insurance System (730 tax declaration form)
  • Regional information obligation Discharge form, HSP23, HSP24 flows